Nature is a dangerous beauty

We take it for granted, our beautiful world, our dangerous world, a world of chaos in which our weakness and vulnerability are revealed every time Mother Nature decides to shred our masks. Mankind’s efforts to carve order out of chaos have led to technological triumphs, but ironically, those triumphs have created the threats to our climate which can undo everything we’ve created.

Thinking about the most recent warning from the UN’s IPCC, I posted a photograph of moss-draped trees on my home page. It was shot this August, in Lynn Canyon, North Vancouver. It is an homage to living, liquid green in all its glory. As Dylan Thomas brilliantly wrote: “the force that through the green fuse drives…”

I also added a new gallery to the site: Nature.

Every morning I walk in the woods with my dog. I imagine the trees recognize me, their frequent visitor. I touch the bark of their trunks and strain to listen to their voices, but I’m pretty sure all I hear echoing in my head is myself.

Even so, I enjoy the imagined conversation.